Wholesale Program and Professional Services

VapeCrafter offers a variety of products and services to two different retail avenues through our wholesale program. 

View either of the brochures below to learn more about how VapeCrafter can help your business stand out in this fast growing industry.


Vape Shop

These deals and services are designed around shops, lounges, and bars that specialize in all things vaping. Offerings in this category range from bulk signature e-juice prices to do-it-yourself bar/lab consultation for your establishment.

Vape Shop Brochure


These deals and services are geared towards convenience stores and gas station shops where customers are more likely to order starter kits and tobacco centric e-juices with easily recognizable flavors.

Convenience Brochure

For more inquiries about VapeCrafter's wholesale products and professional services, please contact us using the form below.

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