Option A: Order Through a Recipe Site

Order a popular e-liquid mix through one of our affiliate sites using the "Order This at VapeCrafter" button on a specific recipe page.*

ELR e-liquid-recipes.com (ELR) is one of the best, free DIY e-liquid recipe calculator and public recipe forum on the internet. Kritikal Mass Kritikal Mass brings simplicity and openness to free DIY e-liquid recipe sharing. A personal favorite of the VapeCrafter team along with ELR.

*Recipe posts marked as private on these sites cannot be purchased at VapeCrafter using these buttons. VapeCrafter will never publicly share any of your custom creations without your consent per our privacy policy, and we require that our affiliate sites likewise respect the will of recipe creators that wish to protect their ideas.

Option B: The Crafter Suite

Use any of the unique VapeCrafter™ tools below to place your custom e-juice order.

“I want my e-juice to taste like a Strawberry Daiquiri.” Yup, it’s that simple. We send you the juice AND the recipe we used to make it.


Crafter Simple is our easiest tool. Designed for beginners, you get to test our mastery and get a taste of what custom e-juice is all about!


Tooltips help you select other options if you choose. 

Crafter Basic lets you create a custom finished juice from a recipe by parts. Choose from thousands of flavors from the top brands.


1) Bottle Size (5mL to 30mL)
2) Bottle Type
3) Flavors (up to 10 by parts/drops)
4) Additives (up to 3)
5) VG, Nicotine Type, and Nicotine Concentration
6) Steep Type
7) Steep Time
8) Custom Name for Your Juice
Crafter Advanced speaks for itself. Craft your recipe by percentage. Take a tour through the most powerful e-juice customization tool in existence. Mix up to 20 flavors!


1) Finished Juice, Flavor Base (DIY), or Diluent Base (DIY)
2) Bottle Size (5mL to 120mL)
3) Bottle Type
4) Flavors (up to 20 by fully diluted %)
5) Cap Type (if glass)
6) Additives (up to 5)
7) VG, Nicotine Type, and Nicotine Concentration
8) Steep Type
9) Custom Name for Your Juice
10) Steep Time

Welcome to Your Custom e-Juice Dream

Looking to Make That Perfect Custom e-Juice Mixture?

Let us help you at Vapecrafter! Tell us what you want in your juice and how much of it you need, and we'll get it to you. If you don't want to go through the trouble and danger (what danger!?) that comes with making your custom e-juice, but still want that custom vape, we're at your service. 

Prototype Your Custom e-Liquid.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Why buy lots of different e liquid flavors that you may never use again? Prototype your e-juice recipes with us. If you're running low on stock, we also provide DIY e juice supplies.

That High Quality Custom Vape.

Our lab is stocked with over a thousand different e-liquid supplies from a variety of different vendors. We're familiar with recognized current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) guidelines and have experience working with FDA regulated products. Not only will we get you the custom vape juice you want, we'll do it right!